The Cajun Traditon Band
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Tribute to Mr. Lee Manuel
Lee Manuel was born and raised in Mamou, La.  He married Burna Mae Fuselier and they raised five children. He started playing music at the age of 17. He first started playing the guitar, then in the early 1970’s started playing the fiddle which he favored throughout the rest of his life.  Lee was employed in the early seventies with KVPI Radio Station in Ville Platte, La. where he hosted a French radio program.  He continued this until 1990 when he stopped because of an illness. In his span as a musician, Lee played with different bands and toured throughout the world. He helped establish the first Cajun Music Festival in Eunice, La. and promoted Cajun music and culture in schools, colleges, and festivals.  He had many other accomplishments and attributes until his death in 1991. In our opinion, Mr. Lee was one of the finest traditional Cajun fiddlers.He will be deeply missed by everyone.
Playing for passengers as they board the Cruiseship M/S Olympia for an overnight cruise in Stockholm, Sweden.
Left: Lee Manuel, Madeline Berzas, Jamie Berzas, Glenn Richard and Mark Young.
Cruiseship to Sweden with Cajun Dancers Gerald and Lou Latiolais
Left: Lee Manuel, Jamie Berzas, Madeline Berzas, Mark Young and Glenn Richard.
Bottom: Cajun Dancers Lou and Gerald Latiolais.
Madeline Berzas on the Drums for Mamou Mardi Gras.
The Cajun Tradition Band receiving a "Key to the City" by then Mayor Warren Pierrotti.
The Cajun Tradition Band playing at Randol's Restaurant.
Left: Jamie Berzas, Madeline Berzas and Joe Simon at Boutin's Restaurant in Baton Rouge.
Beau Thomas and Jamie Berzas at Boutin's Restaurant in Baton Rouge.
Madeline Berzas on the Drums at Boutin's Restaurant in Baton Rouge.
Left: Dennis Boudreaux and Jamie Berzas
Mardi Gras in Mamou, Louisiana.
Left: Dennis Boudreaux, Jamie Berzas, George McGee, Joe Simon and Walt Farr at the Cajun Music Festival in Mamou, Louisiana.
Left: Dennis Boudreaux, Madeline Berzas, Jamie Berzas, Joe Simon and Walt Farr.
Left: Dennis on Fiddle, Jamie on Accordion and Joe on Guitar at Fred's in Mamou.
Left: Dennis Boudreaux-Fiddle, Jamie Berzas-Accordion, Madeline Berzas-Drums, George McGee-Guitar...Mamou Cajun Music Festival.
Playing is not always hard work. Having fun at Fred's, no matter where Jamie stands to perform (behind bar).
Fred's Lounge in Mamou with
Taunte Sue and Jamie Berzas.
The Cajun Tradition Band at Gerard Park.
Left: Joe Simon, Madeline Berzas, Jamie Berzas, Mark Young, Beau Thomas and Glenn Richard.
All work and no play makes for a boring day. Here we are playing around at a photo shoot.
Left Bottom: Beau Thomas, Jamie Berzas and Mark Young.
Left Top: Madeline Berzas, Glenn Richard and Joe Simon.
Left: Beau Thomas, Jamie Berzas, Madeline Berzas, Joe Simon and Suzanne Sommers at Mulate's Restaurant in New Orleans, Louisiana.
The Cajun Tradition band playing at Mulate's in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Tribute to Dennis Boudreaux
Being self-taught, started playing the guitar at age 12. He played in rock and roll bands as a lead guitar player in his early 20's. At age 24, he was playing in Cajun Bands and picked up the Fiddle. After playing with Joe Warren Cormier (Mr. T Beck Do), he helped create the band called "Wallace Trahan and Rice & Gravy." He played with this band for about 3 years. Then he started up the band "Savoir Faire" avec Paul Daigle in 1997.  He played the Fiddle with The Cajun Tradition Band all across Louisiana, until his untimely death. Dennis passed away early on New Years morning, shortly after playing for the CFMA's New Year's Eve Dance in Baton Rouge, La. He was a very talented and  awesome Fiddle player and a great entertainer, and will be deeply missed by everyone.
The Cajun Tradition Band at the Mamou Mardi Gras 2011. On left: Henry Hample, Jamie Berzas and George McGee.
Mamou Mardi Gras 2011. On left: Joe Simon and Glen Richard.
Mamou Mardi Gras 2011. On left: George McGee and Madeline Berzas.
Mamou Mardi Gras 2011. On left: Henry Hample and Jamie Berzas.
Mamou Mardi Gras 2011.